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How Marketonic is helping Dr. Manjunath to build India’s largest community of Readers?

This case study examines how the “ Read for Success” engagement campaign impacted 1 lakh people in India in accordance with the theme of their initiative.

Introduction :

Dr. Manjunath aims to coach 1 lakh people in India through his online presence across the country. During the covid crisis, the mind performance coach devised new methods of teaching working professionals and businesses that aided their growth. As they advanced in their careers, He assisted them in becoming strong mentally and empowered to face adversity.

About Dr. Manjunath :

Dr. Manjunath has inspired over 12,000 students who have successfully completed their courses with his assistance. Dr. Manjunath, a former aerodynamics specialist, left his job to pursue his passion five years ago. He acknowledges that his professional life transition has been a delightful journey thus far, and he wishes for many professional people to thrive and develop as he has. Moreover, the certified mind coach has been inspiring people to reach their full potency by implementing some straightforward and efficient techniques. Reading growth-related books is one of the major techniques he mentions.

Summary :

This case study examines how the “ Read for Success” engagement campaign impacted 1 lakh people in India in accordance with the theme of their initiative.

Problem Statement :

A very low number of visitors and a low ranking.

Objective :

The campaign’s primary purpose is to inform about Dr. Manjunath’s mission in an interactive manner. The secondary goal is to own the phrase “5:30 read for success” and have a higher recognition value attached to it.

Brief :

Dr. Manjunath, who received praise from the Vice President, mentioned his methodologies. Online coaching was introduced to him with a strategic component. While starting the process, he ran into a few roadblocks that could have made things more difficult but going for an agency to manage the presence was a best decision. Speaking about his Instagram journey, the coach explains that he began this quite a while back in 2018. It wasn’t very fruitful. A very low number of visitors and a low ranking. To attain his mission, he needed to engage with the people and make them realize his vision, which was greatly facilitated by the strong support of the Marketonic team.

Creative Planning :

In the beginning, the planning was much more general, which made the social presence ineffective. A proper structure was created in order to focus on the target audience.

Created an online course that teaches students how to develop life-changing reading habits, read speedier, preserve core concepts, and pertain to them in actuality.

The brief for the “Read for Success” engagement campaign was as follows

“Read for Success@5.30AM” is a program focusing on

  • How to develop a reading habit
  • How to Read faster and Remember quickly and
  • Best Cognitive Fitness Strategy
Challenges :

To assess the significance of book reading and to bring it to the masses, as well as to make them understand the domain. The goal of the campaign is to educate and raise awareness among the general public about the importance of speed reading as a habit.

Execution :

The campaign began with the release of a campaign poster and short video starring Dr. Manjunath on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Serving up the campaign ideology to all.

6- day workshop :
Ad Strategy :

Proposed a one-of-a-kind workshop schedule that was only available in India, which yielded a positive response. With core intelligence, a strategy was developed with the primary goal of educating people about reading habits, as well as the main objective of Dr. Manjunath’s mission.

We created a number of posters/videos and tested them thoroughly before deciding on the one that will increase the ROI.

The videos were created in such a way that they direct the viewer to the landing page, i.e.

Digital PR :

As an add-on service, we have provided digital PR. The client received a lot of organic traffic as a result of these press releases, and it also improved Google rankings.

Many more in :
First Milestone Achieved :

As a mentor to a huge range of professionals, the support of digital media helps him to assimilate information both vocally and visually, which improves their skills in communication. Not only do his words endeavor the strength of learning, but his modern methods have given many people a head start across the country, and he has now mastered his ‘learn more to earn more’ strategy. Furthermore, in his remarkable sessions, he provides a tangential perspective on how to push your brain to brainstorm solutions after learning.

This well-known coach encourages all of his trainees to keep in touch with the influence that our minds possess and to devote adequate time to train it. The campaign involves a 6-day live session at 5:30 pm.

Another Milestone Achieved :

10K Followers!!! Our first massive follower milestone.

Brain Accelerator Blueprint is a 7.1k-person community that is fruitfully being built.

Results :
Quantitative :
  • The audience reach via the campaign was 75%.
  • Accounts engaged in the last 1 year are +40%.
  • Instagram account @coachmanjunath has seen a growth in the last 90 days of approximately 28%
Quantitative :
  • Dr. Manjunath has also seen a 2x growth in followers from Jan. 2022 to Dec. 2022.
  • Created a huge community of 20,000+ professionals.
  • #ReadForSuccess got trended showcasing the virality of the campaign.

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